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Shitty Seats

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Vintage Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles

Shitty Seats are affordable seats designed for Hot Rods, Rat Rods Mini-Trucks and Motorcycles. Automotive seats are available in Wood (Broke-ass) or Steel (High-Roller). Mototcycle seats are steel or composite based off the motorcycle seat style and application.  

Broke-back seats are your bare essential seats. Wood frame , No frills, you mount your way. ( brackets available however sold separate. 

High-Roller models are complete seats with steel frames and brackets. 


Motorcycle Seats

Looking for a vintage or retro seat for you motorcycle? These seats have character and style while still keeping some sort of comfort. Purchase "Shitty Motorcycle Seats" At 73 Cycle Products.  


Car & Truck Seats

Your choice of versions Broke-Ass or High-Roller. Available in bucket seats or bench seat models. Seats sizes are customizable per special order. Available at Stryker Parts. 


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Shitty Seats

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